VTech Sort & Discover Activity Cube

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VTech Sort & Discover Activity Cube

VTech Sort & Discover Activity Cube

Introducing the VTech Sort & Discover Activity Cube, the perfect toy to keep your little one engaged and learning. This cube features five sides of fun activities, including 75+ songs, sounds, melodies, and phrases. With two electronic panels, your child will be introduced to colors, numbers, animals, and more.


The VTech Sort & Discover Activity Cube offers seven fun activities to explore. The five piano keys on one side introduce numbers, colors, and music, allowing your child to create their own tunes. Turning the book page, twisting the spinner, and sliding the animals help develop fine motor skills. The book page even plays two nursery rhymes, adding a musical element to playtime. The spinner lights up and introduces animals and objects, providing a visual and auditory learning experience.

Additionally, the activity cube includes a shape sorter and colorful shape blocks. This helps develop hand-eye coordination as your child matches the shapes and inserts them into the corresponding holes. The cube comes with four colorful shape blocks, ensuring hours of shape-sorting fun.


  • Requires 2 AA batteries (batteries included for demo purposes only, new batteries recommended for regular use)
  • Intended for ages 9 months to 3 years
  • Warranty not applicable for this product

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the recommended age range for this toy?
  2. The VTech Sort & Discover Activity Cube is intended for children aged 9 months to 3 years.

  3. Are batteries included?
  4. Yes, the toy comes with 2 AA batteries for demo purposes. However, it is recommended to use new batteries for regular use.

  5. Does this toy come with a warranty?
  6. No, the warranty is not applicable for this product.


The VTech Sort & Discover Activity Cube is a fantastic toy for young children. With its variety of activities and educational content, it provides a fun and engaging learning experience. The shape sorter and colorful shape blocks help develop hand-eye coordination, while the electronic panels introduce colors, numbers, and animals. Get your little one this frustration-free packaging toy and watch them explore, learn, and have a blast!

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