Plustek OpticFilm 135i – Automatic Film & Slide Scanner

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Plustek OpticFilm 135i – Automatic Film & Slide Scanner

Plustek OpticFilm 135i – Automatic Film & Slide Scanner


The Plustek OpticFilm 135i is a state-of-the-art automatic film and slide scanner designed to help you preserve your precious memories. Whether you have a shoebox full of negatives or slides, this scanner is here to make the conversion process quick and easy.

Main Features

  • Batch converts 35mm slides and negative film
  • High resolution of 7200 x 7200 dpi (69 Megapixels)
  • 48-bit input, 24/48-bit output
  • Built-in infrared channel for dust and scratch detection
  • Supports export to 3rd party image editing software
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS 10.9.x ~ 10.15.x (Catalina)
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty

High Resolution Scanning

The Plustek OpticFilm 135i boasts a maximum resolution of 7200 x 7200 dpi, equivalent to 69 Megapixels. This ensures that every detail of your 35mm negative film and mounted slides is captured with stunning clarity and sharpness. Say goodbye to blurry or pixelated scans!

Dust and Scratch Detection

One of the standout features of the OpticFilm 135i is its built-in infrared channel. This innovative technology allows the scanner to detect dust and scratches on the surface of your original negatives and slides. With this information, the scanner can automatically remove these defects without the need for manual retouching, saving you time and effort.

Export to 3rd Party Editing Software

The OpticFilm 135i supports export to popular image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. This means that after scanning your negatives and slides, you can easily transfer them to your preferred editing software for further enhancements and adjustments. Simply set your preferences and enjoy a seamless workflow.

Compatibility and Warranty

The Plustek OpticFilm 135i is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10, as well as Mac OS 10.9.x ~ 10.15.x (Catalina). You can easily download the necessary drivers from the Plustek website to get started. Additionally, this scanner comes with a 2-year limited warranty, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of its quality.

Discover the Plustek OpticFilm 135i today and start preserving your memories with ease and convenience. Don’t let your negatives and slides gather dust in a shoebox any longer!

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